Another Nola Weekend

Another Nola Weekend

What a wonderful weekend in NOLA!  NOLA weekends are always a special treat.  You just never know who you will meet!  We met Steve Reynolds With Reynolds Wine(Top Pic), Susie Selby with Selby Winery and I met Reagan Charleston (I love her jewelry) who is now part of the cast of Southern Charm New Orleans.  We strolled along Royal street in the Royal Street Stroll wearing our Togas and drinking fantastic wine in our Krewe of Cork goblets. Being a member of the Krewe of Cork Is such a fun experience and we get to meet a lot of the wine makers and, of course, drink great wine!!

Toga Party

Susie Selby With Selby Winery

Then we found out we made the front page of Where Y’at 🙂

Enjoyed a a wonderful day at The Wine and Food experience- NOWFE

Found a great new market- Auction House Market

How can you ever have a bad experience in NOLA with so many wonderful things to do and the best food in the world!!! Jill


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