Summer Travel: Packing so your products stay put on the plane

Summer Travel: Packing so your products stay put on the plane
Everyone gets excited to go away on a trip, packing can actually be stressful for some. Deciding what pants, skirts, dresses, shoes (flats, heels and sneakers?), jackets, tops, can be stressful enough. But in addition, there are all your toiletries…products you need every day, regardless of how short a time you are going away.
How do you pack your moisturizer, primer, body lotion, mascara, an array of lipsticks (OF COURSE!) and all the other sundries you need…I bring very little on board but if you are one that does these tips will help! You also want to pack carefully because we’ve all have had the disastrous mess of an exploded bottle of conditioner in our bag.
Here’s a guide!
While you can get 1 quart resealable containers at the supermarket, you can also buy inexpensive ones online that give you a teeny bit more room, although still TSA compliant. They’re sturdier too. Try These ieGeek Silicon sillicone-bottles-and-jars.
That 1-quart bag that can come on the plane with you isn’t that big. So only bring on your essentials, concealer, mascara, moisturizer, lip balm, gloss, contact lens solution and the convenient travel size of REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive, perfect to put on your hair and face for a post-flight fresh-up. So you’ve got the most important things with you and heaven forbid, your bag gets lost, you’ve got your go to items with you in the worse case scenario!
REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive
Of course, you can buy a world’s worth of miniature versions of toiletries at a local drugstore, it’s a lot easier to fill up small containers with your prized possessions, like your favorite shampoo and conditioner – for instance the magically hydrating Renew Shampoo and Restore Leave-In Conditioner. The best part is that they’re leakproof so no dipping your hand in a gooey bag!
If you don’t have travel size versions of your favorite MONAT products, here’s how you can still take them with you on your next vacay. Try  this great collection from Flight 001. Don’t forget to write on them with or label them so you know what is in which.Spacepak Toiletry Print
I use these Space Packs to keep all my clothing organized. I also wrap my fragile bottles in my shorts or T’s. Just don’t wrap them in an irreplaceable silk blouse…just in case! The space bags even come in their own storage bag that you can also use.
I have all of mine monogrammed:)
Extra seal any bottles
While a tightly screwed cap should offer protection, sometimes that’s not enough. For any bottle you’re just not sure about, duct tape the pop-top opening or lid and then wrap it in plastic cling wrap. You can’t get any more secure than this and it’ll pay off if you’re bringing a self-tanner (my fave) . Trust me on this one.
Organize yourself
Keep like items together. Don’t pack your toothpaste next to your foundation or your mascara next to your shampoo. This will help when you’re dashing to get ready and get out the door for your next fun adventure.
Keep these hacks in mind and you’re ready to fly with a clear mind! XoXo Jill

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